Gift It! DIY Watercolor Diamond Canvas Art

Lately, I’ve been drumming up new ideas for wall decor. The geometric, symmetrical look caught my eye, and I love earthy tones that seem to be dominating Pinterest. I saw this canvas project that inspired me to take it a step further and sprinkle in my love for watercolor – it ended up perfectly fitting into […]

Pumpkin Pie Spice Peach Cake

Easy Dessert | Pumpkin Spice Peach Cake

  Hello there! I’ve been preparing to share with you a scrumptious dessert with three magic words: pumpkin spice + peach + cake! This recipe makes my mouth water whenever I think about it, and friends request the recipe after they devour it. It’s moist, and I made it so you can indulge in something […]

5 Ways To Make Memories

5 Ways to Make Family Traditions

Hi there! It’s closing in to be the first holiday season with my husband (whaaat?). And me being me, I brainstormed traditions we could start as a new family. Bound to be fun, right? But honestly… My mind reeled from the number of fun activities. And then I wanted to do them all. I realized my thought process led towards a […]

Minimalist Fashion Haul

My Minimalist Style Clothing Haul

Hello everyone! Today is the day I share a  minimalist clothing haul featuring thrifted and retail clothing with you! I find my fashion preferences shifting from bright and bold to minimal and modern (not too sure about the modern part, but I liked the alliteration haha). The appeal of throwing something together in a second and having it […]

How To Keep Hands Soft and Protected

Protect Your Hands While Washing Dishes

Hello again! Have you ever put on dishwashing gloves, per usual, and realized it was pointless because water snuck inside? It’s different from even having your hands under running water because it goes back and forth. And reminds you it’s stuck. And with every touch tells you it’s not supposed to be there. Can you relate? […]


Wedding Advice for a Bride to Be

Seven months ago, I married my best friend. The few weeks leading up to that day were full of emotions. Quite literally, they were across the spectrum of possible feelings. On one hand, I was thrilled and excited to be able to live life with Z (obviously). It blew my mind that we would be able to grow […]


Easy Butternut Squash & Quinoa Recipe

  Hi there! Do you like quinoa? Did you ever grow up eating it? I grew up eating white rice. Filling, gorgeous, delicious texture, the rice was something I thought couldn’t be beat (please don’t say anything about the lack of nutritional value). And while it still holds a dear place in my heart, I […]


Cooking Tip| How Not to Make Chicken Tikka Masala

Hi there and welcome to today’s cooking lesson! So, I made chicken tikka masala last week and learned what NOT to do. Do you know the not-so-secret that could revolutionize your kitchen life? But seriously, I love me some chicken tikka masala. Pair it with some warm garlic naan and wow, can you say yummm? My mouth started watering […]